Re: Mass Mailings

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:23:42 -0400

From: Greg Keys <>
I need to be able to send e-mail to groups of people based on various
criteria in their emerald accounts (such as service type, pay periods, net
software, etc)
Has anyone out there come up with a way of querying the database and
generating mail to those who meet a given criteria?

Here's one that I use all the time. It selects all "active" email
addresses that are associated with account-types with "PPP" in the
AccountType name (Business PPP, PPP Account, etc.). I exclude one master
billing record that contains a little over 100 dial-up services (second to
the last line). Of course you can go in and add whatever other criteria
you want:

FROM SubAccounts sa, MasterAccounts ma
WHERE sa.CustomerID = ma.CustomerID
AND ma.Active = 1
AND sa.Active = 1
AND sa.Email != ''
AND sa.AccountType LIKE '%PPP%'
AND ma.customerid != 837 /* Exclude IDT users */
ORDER BY sa.Email

I then take the output, copy/paste it into Notepad, do a search for " " and
replace them with "" to get rid of all spaces after each email address.
I'm using Post.Office, so I've got an "" account that I
have setup to forward to to whatever addresses I put in there. I
copy/paste the email addresses from notepad into the forwarding area for
"" and then send my mail to "".
Doing this prevents the recipients from seeing who the mail went to. A few
minutes after I send the mail, I go back into the mailbox settings and
change the main address to something else, so that ""
no longer really exists. This prevents someone else from sending mail to
that address and spamming all of the selected users.

Josh Hillman