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Having recently purchased Platypus, I can give you the picture from a
different perspective. We looked at both Emerald and Platypus (the 2
leaders in the pack that we looked at) and found that Platypus fitted
our requirements better than Emerald. As a result we purchased Platypus,
Platypus recommended that we buy RadiusNT from you, but it was certainly
not our only option. If you had not made RadiusNT available seperate
from Emerald, we would have still purchased Platypus, but we would have
purchased the RADIUS server that they recommended, which would have
meant you wouldn't have got a cent from us.

We were also keen to purchase this DLL from you and would have been
willing to pay up to $500 for it (it is very important to us!). As you
have not made the DLL available seperately, we were forced to chase
other companies to write it for us. The obvious thing that Boardtown
(Platypus developers) are going to do in this situation is to write the
DLL themselves. And they have, it will be released soon. If you had
released the software, you would have made some more money from us, but
instead, Boardtown will make more money. I doubt that Boardtown would
have even bothered to write the DLL if you had made it available, and
you would have had the market cornered.

If you are silly enough to make RadiusNT available only with Emerald
(that must have crossed your mind sometime), you will cut yourself out
of a good market. People wanting to purchase a RADIUS and accounting
package won't simply purchase Emerald because it has a great RADIUS
server, they will be looking for the best accounting package for their
needs. If Emerald doesn't fit their needs, they will go and buy the one
that does, and one of the many RADIUS servers out there that do the job
as well as RadiusNT. Remember, we only purchased RadiusNT after Platypus
engineers recommended it to us, until then we were looking at a bunch of
other good offerings and hadn't given RadiusNT a second look.

I hope this helps you see things from our side of the fence and you can
see the profits you have missed out on because of these misguided ideas.



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> >Dale ,
> >
> >It does not say alot for Emerald if the DLL is the only thing that
> >Emerald a better product than Platypus or any of the eight others out
> there.
> >(Your words not mine)
> >I looked at platypus and emerald when I was shopping, and thought
> >emerald had a lot more functionality to it.
> >However this is not the point.
> >You see since I started this thread I have been contacted by 4 people
> >are working to develope this DLL in its simplest form to make it as
> >as possible, not for Emerald, Platypus, or any other known program,
but for
> >the end user who simply wants the feature and who is not the least
> >interested in the politics of it.
> >
> >You say you/IEA are in the business to make money, That's fine, but
> much
> >money do you think you will make, if the generic DLL hits the market.
I was
> >trying to get you/IEA to develope this DLL to make money, rather
than miss
> >the boat and make NONE at all.
> >Because of IEA's reputation, I would have purchased it from you/IEA,
> >than a generic form.
> >But If this is your/their choice, so be it.
> >
> >From your earlier message I was under the impression that if the
money was
> >there, you/they would under take the request.
> >
> >But now you are saying NOT.
> >
> >This DLL will get developed, if not by you/IEA, by someone else.
> >
> >Opportunity will prevail here Dale, always has, always will.
> >It has presented itself here, you can either sit on your hands and
watch it
> >pass you by or choose to participate.
> >
> >I need to know if this is your final say so(below) on this matter
> >
> >WW
> >>Understand the business pricipal behind this. A Platypus user buys
> >>RadiusNT from us to give Platypus funcitonality it doesn't have.
> >>a Platypus user can buy this DLL from you/us to give it more
> >>that their product doesn't have. In the end, we are giving them
> >>everything that makes Emerald a better product than Platypus. We
> >>in this business to make money, not make our competitors products
> >>better. Platypus is only one of like eight NT ISP billing packages
> >>that use RadiusNT and will gobble up ever other thing we develop and
> >>don't strictly license to Emerald.
> >>
> >>The technicalities of the DLL license is insignificant. Its already
> >>license with Emerald. Making its own license is trivial. Thats NOT
> >>what the real issue it, though. :(
> >>
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