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Fri, 17 Apr 1998 03:00:53 -0400

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From: WebWiz <webwiz@atlcon.net>
To: Dale E. Reed Jr. <daler@iea-software.com>
Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 2:55 AM
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>Dale ,
>It does not say alot for Emerald if the DLL is the only thing that makes
>Emerald a better product than Platypus or any of the eight others out
>(Your words not mine)
>I looked at platypus and emerald when I was shopping, and thought that
>emerald had a lot more functionality to it.
>However this is not the point.
>You see since I started this thread I have been contacted by 4 people who
>are working to develope this DLL in its simplest form to make it as generic
>as possible, not for Emerald, Platypus, or any other known program, but for
>the end user who simply wants the feature and who is not the least bit
>interested in the politics of it.
>You say you/IEA are in the business to make money, That's fine, but how
>money do you think you will make, if the generic DLL hits the market. I was
>trying to get you/IEA to develope this DLL to make money, rather than miss
>the boat and make NONE at all.
>Because of IEA's reputation, I would have purchased it from you/IEA, rather
>than a generic form.
>But If this is your/their choice, so be it.
>From your earlier message I was under the impression that if the money was
>there, you/they would under take the request.
>But now you are saying NOT.
>This DLL will get developed, if not by you/IEA, by someone else.
>Opportunity will prevail here Dale, always has, always will.
>It has presented itself here, you can either sit on your hands and watch it
>pass you by or choose to participate.
>I need to know if this is your final say so(below) on this matter

>>Understand the business pricipal behind this. A Platypus user buys
>>RadiusNT from us to give Platypus funcitonality it doesn't have. Now
>>a Platypus user can buy this DLL from you/us to give it more functionality
>>that their product doesn't have. In the end, we are giving them
>>everything that makes Emerald a better product than Platypus. We are
>>in this business to make money, not make our competitors products
>>better. Platypus is only one of like eight NT ISP billing packages
>>that use RadiusNT and will gobble up ever other thing we develop and
>>don't strictly license to Emerald.
>>The technicalities of the DLL license is insignificant. Its already
>>license with Emerald. Making its own license is trivial. Thats NOT
>>what the real issue it, though. :(
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