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Thu, 16 Apr 1998 19:25:16 -0500

The lines must be PRI for the signaling to be present. IF the telco can
pass the CLID signals from thier switch.

On the Ascend Max's a special (additional cost) piece of code must be
loaded. Call Ascend for information...I'm not sure which code is available
for that now.

"Frank Wanicka" <> on 04/16/98 02:01:04 PM

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cc: (bcc: Kevin Brown/Huber & Associates)
Subject: Re: urgent Help

Does anyone know why the Caller-ID and Client-DNIS attributes wouldn't be
getting passed by either Ascend MAXs or USR TCs to RadiusNT? is it a line
provisioning issue? do they automatically get passed over if they exist, or
is there configuration necessary on each platform for them to get passed in
the accounting packet?
Frank Wanicka

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