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Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:24:01 +0800

Hey, my friend Andrew Smith is already developing the DLL since yesterday.
All he needs now is an unlimited users license for NTMail to test the DLL. I
think he's already written to NetShopper about it.

If you have any other features built-in, please write him at

- Danny Sinang

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From: WebWiz <>
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Date: Thursday, April 16, 1998 3:19 AM
Subject: Re: NTMail Authentication

>I just think if IEA offers "custom" software as they do, then if a person
>willing to pay for it's developement, then they should at the least follow
>thru with an email or phone call or something. I emailed the sales dept on
>this issue a couple of days ago and got no response one way or the other,
>which prompted me to ask you.
>I'm not trying to get you caught in the middle.
>I would be interested in maybe getting one developed solely for my use,
>which could easily be done, simply by adding another Liscense field to the
>current Liscenses Table in my database. Or even amending the current
>liscense to include the DLL.
>this would keep others from using it, unless they paid for it. A liscense I
>I'm trying to provide the best service I can for my customers, and my my
>life alittle easier to, not mention, the ease of it all when it works.
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>From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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>Date: Wednesday, April 15, 1998 2:32 PM
>Subject: Re: NTMail Authentication
>>WebWiz wrote:
>>> I agree Chris,
>>> There is a demand for this feature and where there is a demand there
>>> a supply and I for one are willing to pay the cost.
>>> I hoped that IEA would do it since they advertise "Backend Database
>>> Interfaces" on their web site. But I guess (just like US Robotics and
>>> modem) they want to monopolize the this feature. And look where that got
>>> Robotics
>>We don't want to monopolize, but how do you propose we stop all
>>are competitors from using it, just like they do RadiusNT? Just
>>because we are trying to keep our competitive edge doesn't mean
>>we are trying to monopolize something! :)
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