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Chris Thomas ( )
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:46:30 +0800

Seeing as IEA won't be releasing a version, we are going to need to do
something ourselves. We are going to need this capability in the next
week or 2 and would be keen to pay someone to code it up because we've
got better things to do. If there are a few more people out there who
want this, maybe we can pool our money and talk someone into doing it,
unsupported (maybe even IEA). We are currently using NTMail, so the DLL
would need to work with NTMail.

Any interest?


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> WebWiz wrote:
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> > Is it possible to have IEA make a DLL like emer_ntm.dll that
> > registered RadiusNT Licenses and not just the Emerald Software
> > Dale I think you might be able to answer this or maybe give a name
> > someone to ask there.
> This may be possible with the upcoming Enterprise version of RadiusNT,
> but not with a standard license. Support issues are the main reason
> we don't make them available outside of Emerald (besides the fact that
> we would be giving our competition one more think they don't have).
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