Account Expiry..??

Tim Ballingall ( )
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:27:43 +1000

I am still trying to convert Radius over from text files to odbc ( MS
Access ) and I'm having a couple of problems..

When I dial into my cisco 2511 things work fine... When I dial into my
outside provider ( an Ascend I think ) I get the messages ( from -x15
-w )

LOG: Your Account is Expired.

Your Account is Expired.

I am using the same dialin account details for both attempts...

Also - occasionally I get incomplete accounting records from my outside
provider. Is this likely to cause the user to be denied access.?
Unfortunately I have no control over the accounting records sent from my
provider, can I make RadiusNT any more flexible with regards to incoming
records ?

Both access servers work fine in text mode..