OT?: Pondering a "private" network, etc.

Fox, Thomas ( (no email) )
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:35:27 -0400

Something occurred to me today, and I'm wondering what
benefits (if any), troubles, etc, would be encountered by setting
up a "private" LAN to link the Radius machines together (we use
four, 1-database, 1-accounting, 1-auth, 1-backup acctg/auth)
on separate 100Mbps NICs, i.e., each auth/acct server
would have 2 NICs, one to connect to the switches for Inet
(i.e. auth & acct) traffic, and another connecting it to the DB machine.
(Obviously, the DB machine doesn't need Inet connectivity,
so it would have just one).

Do I gain anything by doing this, other than some hardware costs?
Is redundancy somehow improved? I don't see that it would be.
Is the load on the core Inet LAN decreased? I don't think so, since
we're already switched.

I'm basically thinking out loud here, with the goal being improved
speed, redundancy, etc.

BTW: More of a curiosity than practical thinking, at this point. Feel free
to e-mail privately, or not.