Re: ODBC mode in radiusnt 2.2

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 13:25:05 -0700

Eric Cowperthwaite wrote:
> I am installing radiusnt 2.2 to evaluate. When I run it in text mode with a clients file
> and users file, it works just fine. However, if I try to run radiusnt in odbc mode, I
> have problems. When running radius in debug mode, every time I try to authenticate
> I get the following message: nas address incorrect. As far as I can tell I have set up
> the client in the database correctly, and I am simply trying to authenticate the test
> user that is already built into the database.
> I have correctly set up the odbc database in NT control panel, and radadmn "sees"
> the database. Additionally, I do not get any error messages when radiusnt initializes
> in debug mode (-x15). The client is a livingston pm3 with it's radius info set correctly
> as well. ie pointed at the radius server's ip, with the correct secret.

Without seeing the exact -x15 debug, I would guess you do not have the
terminal server listed in the Servers table. You must enter atleast the
Server, IPAddress and secret in the servers table and then restart RadiusNT.

RadiusNT does NOT use the dictionary or clients file when running in
ODBC or both mode.

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