Re: I.Q. about RadiusNT 2.2

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 14:25:55 -0700

ori wrote:
> Hello Dale,
> In my compant we are using RadiusNT 1.1 and find it difficult to go on
> with. We are interested in buying RadiusNT 2.2.
> From my experiance with the RadiusNT 1.1, The accuracy of the accounting
> feature fails to the mission (and I must add that this feature is very
> important for us).
> Another problem is the script which came with it - Detailer. It is very
> unaccurate as well and too simple for relying on.
> To the point:
> 1.Can I use it in ODBC mode with Access 97 reliably? Does it come with the
> database file Ready-made?
> 2.Is there more sufisticated parser of the detail log file instead of the
> detailer?
> 3.Is 2.2 more accurate then 1.1?
> 4.Would it be wise to wait for the 2.5 ? when will it be published?

Detailer is a product un-related to IEA Software.

RadiusNT in ODBC mode is the most accurate way of doing usage
based reporting. There is an Access 97 database that is
included with RadiusNT and another avaialble from a customer
that is more enhanced on our website.

IEA Software does not write software to parse RadiusNT logs.
We only support use of a database (which in base defintion
stored, parses and processes data). No need to re-invent the
wheel. :)

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