RadiusNT Questions

Nolan W. Bailey, Jr. ( nolan@cp-tel.net )
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:42:03 -0600


Please excuse my ignorance... we have a few questions....
we're about to upgrade our Radius server.

Currently, we're running Emerald's free RadiusNT release
that is using Access 95.... we are around 1,000 users...
and it has become very sluggish... and we have to compact
the database once a week or so. The dial-up equipment
that we use is Ascend MAX 4048.

We're wanting to upgrade to something that will be provide us
room to grow.... is stable... and-- in an emergency situation--
we'll be able to get phone support.

I had a few questions about RadiusNT...

How many users will the latest release of RadiusNT support?
(running on a Pentium 133 with 64 MB Ram... Windows NT 4.0)

What type of system and configuration is recommended to
support about 5,000 users and 300 dial-up? (such as computer
speed... memory... SQL Server..? etc. etc.)

Will RadiusNT run faster or more reliably with SQL server?

Will RadiusNT work using Access 97?

Does this version of RadiusNT deny multiple logins correctly?
even with different case in the username?

The version of RadiusNT that we are using... never would
deny muliple logins... no matter what we tried... it
also had difficulty when the user used different case in
their username when dialing in... upper/lowercase.

In an emergency situation, is phone support available?

I've not seen the support (or any) phone number listed on the IEA
Software web site...?

We looking at the possibility of having 2 Radius servers... both
databases containing the exact/same user information. We would
just type in the information twice... so, if one database becomes
corrupt, the other database... and Radius server... should be all
right. What would this cost us? Would we have to buy 2 copies
of RadiusNT?

Can we port over our current Emerald RadiusNT database? Or would
it use the same database?

Thanks in advance...