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Gregg Franklin wrote:
> We are running RadiusNT in ODBC mode with SQL 6.5. It appears that if we
> take Radius off line that it leaves the callers in the callsonline
> table(view) in place so when we bring Radius back online we get false
> concurrent errors. Is there any way to prevent this short of going in and
> clearing the serverports table?

>Have a second/backup RadiusNT running when you bring the first down.
>You should always have atleast two servers. If you only have one
>RADIUS machine, it can not tracks calls while its down.

I guess I explained it wrong. What I should have said is when I reboot the
SQL server it leaves people in the table. The solution another user
suggests below is interesting but I run RadiusNT as a service.

>We start RADIUS from the startup group with this batch file:

>REM Starts RadiusNT Service
>isql -E -d Emerald -Q "UPDATE ServerPorts SET AcctStatusType = 2 WHERE
>AcctStatusType = 1"
>net start RadiusNT

Do you have any other suggestions? Seems like RadiusNT should clear the
serverports before it starts, will this be changed in future versions?

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