Radius Nt with SQL 6.5, Transaction Logs filling up

Mike Miller ( michael@abraxis.com )
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:42:02 -0500


We are running RadiusNT 2.2 with ODBC to a SQL 6.5 database. Our database
and log devices are seperate. Our database size is set at 500 MB and our
log device was set at 500 MB. This morning, after only three weeks of
running time since we brought up the database, our transaction log became
full, even though only 78MB of our database is being used. The worst part
is that I could not dump the transaction log to clear it and get it back to
0 MB. As a result I have set the log size to 1GB until I can find a way to
clear it.

Attempting to run a DUMP TRANSACTION or do a truncate on the log only
results in it's size getting bigger! I also checked to see if there were
any open transactions, which there are not. Still, I can't get rid of the
transaction log, nor do I know why it is so big to begin with.

I researched the archives of this list, and tried every suggestion, but
still have a >500 MB log. Is there anyone who can help get the size of
this log reduced?

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