Re: mail only filter for Ascend MAX and RadiusNT freeware edition

Carlo Venditto ( )
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 18:00:07 +0100

Dear Einars,

we have a little experience with RadiusNT and MAX 4000.
To perform test on filters with Radius you must
probably set the following parameters on the MAX:

ethernet>mod config>radius-server>server=yes
ethernet>mod config>radius-server>client#1=<the IP of
the machine on wich runs radiusnt>/32
ethernet>mod config>radius-server>server key#1=<your
MAX secret>
ethernet>mod config>radius-server>server port=1645 (or
ethernet>mod config>radius-server>session key=yes
ethernet>mod config>radius-server>attributes=any

After this you must specify the data filters
specifications (as specified in the Ascend
documentation set) in the user profile.
Try with this and let we know if you have success.


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