Re: MS Access with ODBC

Beverly Wise ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:14:49 -0500

Also, when starting in debug mode, using radius -x15 -o it will read from
the data base.. but when I install and try to run as a service, it is still
using BOTH mode... What is wrong??!!

At 10:27 AM 2/23/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Beverly Wise wrote:
>> Ok, is there somewhere that I may have it configured wrong thus it is
>> running in BOTH mode instead of just ODBC mode. I only have ODBC mode
>> checked and it is still saying 0 users loaded. If I do run in both mode,
>> it does load my users file. Ofcourse I am running flawlessly in text mode.
>Try starting it from the command line like "radius -x15 -o" and see
>if it starts up w/out the "x users loaded". You can also check the
>"Mode" registry entry (see the docs for full location) and make
>sure its set to 1, which is ODBS ONly.
>> In the directories tab, where it asks for the file name, should that be
>> the name of the DB file? If I leave it blank, even in just ODBC mode, it
>> still brings up the users I have in my users file. Since I can run in BOTH
>> mode, is there concurancy control in both mode using the users file? Thank
>> you for a prompt reply..
>In ODBC mode, you must have atleast the data directory defined. The users
>file is the name of the text users file, not the database (no matter
>what the mode).
>Concurrency control only works for users in the database.
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