Re: MS Access with ODBC

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 23 Feb 1998 10:27:52 -0800

Beverly Wise wrote:
> Ok, is there somewhere that I may have it configured wrong thus it is
> running in BOTH mode instead of just ODBC mode. I only have ODBC mode
> checked and it is still saying 0 users loaded. If I do run in both mode,
> it does load my users file. Ofcourse I am running flawlessly in text mode.

Try starting it from the command line like "radius -x15 -o" and see
if it starts up w/out the "x users loaded". You can also check the
"Mode" registry entry (see the docs for full location) and make
sure its set to 1, which is ODBS ONly.

> In the directories tab, where it asks for the file name, should that be
> the name of the DB file? If I leave it blank, even in just ODBC mode, it
> still brings up the users I have in my users file. Since I can run in BOTH
> mode, is there concurancy control in both mode using the users file? Thank
> you for a prompt reply..

In ODBC mode, you must have atleast the data directory defined. The users
file is the name of the text users file, not the database (no matter
what the mode).

Concurrency control only works for users in the database.

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