A couple of questions

Steve Spesard ( steves@webaccess.net )
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 09:54:28 -0700


I have a couple of questions concerning RadiusNT 2.2.

1. Is it possible to prevent certain users from accessing certain ports
and forcing others
to user only certain ports on a portmaster, but still use RadiusNT to do
the authentication not the portmaster. I want to do time banking for
800 users, but make sure the 800 users can only access the 800 ports and
the rest of our users with standard accounts cannot access the 800 ports
unless they have an 800 account.

2. We were having some accounting problems and I noticed that the
subaccounts table login field is 16 characters. The calls table
username table is only 12 characters. Is their a reason for this? The
effect is that users that dial in that have over 12 character logins do
not get entered into the calls table, thus concurrency control is not
working for these users. Besides this our radius is working great and I
wanted to check to see if I change the field size of the calls username
field to 16 if it is going to screw up anything?? We are
running SQL 6.5. The database was upsized from the radius.mdb in the
RadiusNT distribution.


Steve Spesard