Ability to track calls based on DNIS information

Michael Whisenant ( mwhisen@airnet.net )
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 10:52:13 -0600

I understand that RadiusNT can track the users DNIS information as well
Emerald(SQL) can store that information into the database. Here is what I
want to do and I know someone has or can tell me how to perform this task.

1. A user calls a specific number (DNIS) and I bill him per minute of
access for that call. This could be done outside of Emerald if necessary.

2. I would like a script that queries the database that will print out the
following based on a match of the DNIS information.
NAS called, login in name, Real name, ANI (originating number), start
time, stop time, time online.

3. The ability to have this script run nightly as a maintainence process
and print the results to either a file or to the printer.

Anyones help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.