HELP RadiusNT with abindery object

Thomas Hruby ( )
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 16:54:57 +0100


We're using Ascend MAX Hardware for DialIn and Accounting. Ascend MAX
Radius support filter descriptions over Radius with an object code
called ABINDERY (not string). You can see ist in the dictionary file of
Ascend MAX.

ATTRIBUTE Ascend-Data-Filter 242 abinary
ATTRIBUTE Ascend-Call-Filter 243 abinary
ATTRIBUTE Ascend-Idle-Limit 244 integer
ATTRIBUTE Ascend-Preempt-Limit 245 integer # Connection
Profile/Telco options

Does RadiusNT support this objekt!?? When does it support this object??

So long..

Thomas Hruby