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>George Mansoor (LS) wrote:
>> I'm trying to get time banking to work as it seems to be described in the
>> documentation. I was digging around the archives and find this note.
>> Does anyone know if this is fixed or if there is a work-around to get the
>> time-left value to work properly as the session-timeout (and the
>> ascend-maximum-time attribute since I am working with that).
>> BTW, I'm using Radius 2.2 for evaluation
>Time banking works fine in 2.2. Make sure you have Time Banking and
>Ascend Max Time checked in the RadiusNT administrator and Restart

This is simply not true !

Timebanking doesn't work as it should be. Sure, the time gets decremented
but the user is not logged of when the TimeLeft gets below 0

So, somebody with 5 seconds in TimeLeft is never logged of by the system,
although his time gets below zero.

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