Re: DUN Protocol Errors

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 09:43:42 -0800

Doris Dean wrote:
> We are having the same problems .... and like all of you have done, recycled
> the modems, reboot Portmaster and bitch to BCTel .... we really noticed an
> escalation in the DUN problems this past week and once we called the phone
> company and had them 'check' our lines, the DUN problem reduced
> significantly, but it is still frequent ... Our telco has said they indeed
> have found an anomaly but it could be at our end on our equipment ORRRRRRR
> at their end. If at their end they pay for the fix ...if they 'determine' it
> is at our end, we pay for it .... hmmmmmmmmm .... I wonder where the problem
> will be ...

For win95 DUN, a lot of these problems arise when the modems
immediately retrain before or during LCP/PAP. As a test have
a couple of the people who see this a lot turn on the "bring
terminal up after connection". Then when they dial, the
terminal will come up and they will see the login prompt.
Once that happens. Just tell them to click the ok/close button.

If that works 100% of the time, then bitch to MS. The Win95
DUN has some bad problems in this area that I know of. When
I was dual booting my laptop between 95 and NT (and was using
95 on the road for the better battery life), I would have to
consistantly boot into NT to get connected because I would
always get the "couldn't negotiate" errors. Nothing but the
OS changed to resolve the problem and it was 100% reproduciable.

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