Run well in DOS but wrong in service mode

Michael Y.C. Ysai ( )
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:41:33 +0800

I just buy the RadiusNT, but still cannot run well in Service mode,
I use the ODBC mode with Access DB. Must the service mode use one SQL
DB like SQL-Server ?
My DOS command is "radius -x15", booth my data and account directory is
When calls come in, it seems couldn't find such user, and I have restart
NT again.
1. What is the steps exactly I have to check if everythig is good in DOS
debug mode but cannot find user in service mode? Please give me the
answer step by step as complete as you can.
2 And If it still cannot goes well, Can I use the DOS debug mode as
3 The Debug Mode show ti has 200 MBRs, is this a limit to what?

Many Thanks

Mike Tsai.
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