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Mitchell B. Wagers ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:31:31 -0800

I believe somewhere some misconceptions have arrived. For serious, to the
point, answers, email me at

At 09:57 AM 1/21/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Repeat after me.... NT LOVES RAM. NT LOVES RAM. NT LOVES RAM.
>I'd suggest you not futz with it, and just go to 256 MB. A 64 MB SIMM is
>about $120 if you know where to look.
>My recommendation is ALWAYS, however, to avoid buying obsolete or soon to
>be obsolete systems. I don't buy Pentiums (I buy P-II's). I don't buy
>SIMMS unless I have to -- I buy DIMMS. (And if I *have* to buy SIMMS,
>they are EDO and at least 32 MB per SIMM -- I've got no use for a 16 MB
>chip these days).
>If you're going to buy RAM, and it is in the budget, upgrade the WHOLE
>MACHINE and just drop the old hard drive into it.... A Pentium-II/233
>motherboard and CPU can be had for as little as $480 (and further price
>cuts are expected this month!). A P-II board takes DIMMs, so you'd need 4
>64MB chips totalling about $500. The rest of your hardware SHOULD remain
>compatible... You may need a new CASE for a P-II as the power connectors
>are not compatible, either. $50.
>So, for barely $1000, your SQL machine can be top notch, doubled in
>processing power, doubled in RAM, and easily doubled in performance.
>If that's out of the question, then you're right -- the more RAM in NT the
>better. Also, with NT, RAID or stripe sets over multiple smaller drives
>can up your performance. (You're not using IDE for this mission-critical
>machine, are you?). Get LOTS of small, 1 GB SCSI drives, and make them a
>single stripe set, or preferrably a RAID-5 set. The more drives in the
>set, the more the disk access is "distributed" and the faster any disk
>access will be when it DOES need to swap. SCSI hardware RAID volumes are
>an ORDER of MAGNITUDE faster than a single IDE drive. Even IDE stripe
>sets can help over a single IDE, though you'll want to MIRROR them for
>redundancy's sake.
>At 08:43 AM 1/21/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>Anybody have any suggestions on memory for a computer, other than as
>>much as you can get?
>>We have 8000+ dialups who are smacking the radius server very hard
>>(average of 13 Transactions/sec with peaks in the 40's). This is all
>>running on a Compaq Proliant 800 with 64 meg of ram in it, has SQL
>>server 6.5 service pack 4, ODBCv 3.0, and radiusNT v2.2. Memory is
>>running at around 110 meg in use, so obviously we need to go upto at
>>least 120meg; what would the suggestion be for 12000+ customers, we are
>>having some slow logins right now, and the CPU is up pretty high also
>>(I'm assuming most of this is because of swapping memory out to drive),
>>I'm assuming more memory would help both of these.
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