Re: Run well as DOS prompt but wrong as service

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 11:14:09 -0800

Michael Y.C. Ysai wrote:
> I have test Radius NT in DOS mode and use Access-ODBC database,
> and it success, but when start service, It seems doesn't work, the user
> authentication doesn't pass.
> Are there any reasons?

There could be several. First of, when you run it in foreground
is the ONLY parameter you are using -x? Also, make sure you
go into the RadiusNT Admin and define complete paths for
the accounting and data directories.

> PS. I found the table of access "call" should not mark the field
> "NASIdentifier" as part of the key,
> since the insertion of accounting record doesn't metion this field and
> Access report that a key field should not be NULL, so I fix this and it
> finally work in DOS mode, Is this a reported bug?

No, thats incorrect. NASIdentifier IS a part of the key.
If you NAS is not sending either NAS-Identifier or NAS-IP-Address,
then your NAS is not RFC compliant.

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