RE: RadiusNT and Compac/Microcom 6100

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:50:05 -0600

The system uses a Cisco 2511 card to handle the authentication.. However,
it is not using the serial ports as I have 56k modems installed, so the
authentication goes on the backplane.

I have followed the example that Microcom has, Unfortunally when I talk
about Emerald/RadiusNT they say "I don't know what that is"!! and stop
talking at that point!



On Monday, January 12, 1998 4:39 PM, Dale E. Reed Jr. []
> Ronnie D. Franklin wrote:
> >
> > I seem to be having a problem getting a users username/password to be
> > passed to Radius from the Compac/Microcom 6100s.. Radius does not even
> > anything coming to it from the modem pool.. However I can hook into the
> > console and login and it passes that packet to Radius.....
> I'd check a config. It may be configurable per port and only
> the console is configured for RADIUS? Unforunately, I have no
> experience with the vendor.
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