Re: Recieving bad data for username.

Beverly wise ( )
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 16:54:23 -0500

Well, considering that most of the logs for the last 4 days include this
type of entry, I would say that it is happening often. Line noise? Bad
modem string? I am talking about 30 or 40 entries for about 20 users. Any
more words of advice? Checking the modems, changing strings. As far as I
can tell my NAS is set up correctly. =20


At 12:57 PM 1/6/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Beverly wise wrote:
>> I hope you all can help me with this. I have been encountering problems
>> with users getting dropped connections using DUN. When I check the
>> RadiusNT log, most of the errors are the same, here is an example.
>> Tue Jan 06 10:31:57 1998: Authenticate: from Mad1 - Neither User Nor
>> Default Name: gmwG=92=CE=87=F4=E2=A54=89.K8/=90Q=B00=C7x=C5=DAl4=DB!=DC=
>> I cannot see someone typing all of this in. Granted that I have seen
>> trying to use userids that are not there, but most of the errors I am
>> seeing are exactly like above.
>Its just garbage. It could be line noise, PPP, etc. This is
>typically for a baud rate mismatch, etc. Its not a big deal unless
>you see if alot.
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