Re: radusers

Nicolas SPORN ( )
Wed, 31 Dec 97 17:00:49 GMT

Hi all,
Crazzy solution but works :

just make a batch file called adduser.bat in witch :

echo %1%<tab>password = "%1" >> users.
echo parameter 1 >> users.
and so on
echo <nothing for a blank line between the users>
radlogin *reload* reload_password

and use it like
adduser toto toto_password

PS : don't miss the last line, this is for reloading the database and so a new
users will be able to connect directly...

PS : you can also send a mail automatically, for testing the account and
telling the user he is welcome...

Another way would consist in a database app that would do it for you...

I made one using a fox pro app,

and season greetings

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