WinNT Logon Failures

Kenneth L. Jordan ( (no email) )
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 10:24:42 -0600

I've got a customer who is using WindowsNT 4.0 Workstation, and he
having trouble getting authenticated. The only thing different is that
he needs a static IP address. He using a Sportster 33.6 modem. The
following is how his account is setup right now:

name Password = "password"
User-Service = Framed-User,
Framed-Protocol = PPP,
Framed-Address =,
Framed-Netmask =,
Framed-Routing = Broadcast-Listen,
Framed-MTU = 1500,
Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobsen-TCP-IP

The thing is it doesn't happen all the time. He can, for the most part,
get logged in, but when he does have a problem, it takes about 30
minutes of retries before something breaks free and lets him in. At one
time he gave this information of one of the attempts at loggin in, he
received 188 bytes and 9 frames.

Is there anything wrong with the above setup? If there's not, what the
bare bones setup to give someone a statice IP address?


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