Re: time limit

Toma Belichki ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 10:22:03 +0020

> > Snag number two. If Time Left is not used, total time on-line is not
> > calculated till the next Call Consolidation is done. This is why we do a
> > call consolidation at 2am every morning. At least then the hours on-line
> > are up to date to the last twenty-four hour period. I believe call
> > consolidation is being re-worked, or scrapped, in the next version. We
> > shall just have to wait and see.
> This is only for completed billing cycles. You can see total time on-line
> for non-completed billing cycles via the time-on tab.
I'm not sure.
Time on-line does not work (shows nothing) after doing CallsCons.
even for the non-completed billing cycles.