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Steve Williams ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 20:13:05 +1000

The snag is that Time Left is not updated till after the user hangs up. So
say the user has three minutes left. They dial up and stay on-line for as
long as they desire (or the phone line noise gets so bad the modems give up,
whichever comes first). When the user is finally gone, the Time Left now
is -250 minutes.

Snag number two. If Time Left is not used, total time on-line is not
calculated till the next Call Consolidation is done. This is why we do a
call consolidation at 2am every morning. At least then the hours on-line
are up to date to the last twenty-four hour period. I believe call
consolidation is being re-worked, or scrapped, in the next version. We
shall just have to wait and see.


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From: Danny Sinang <>
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Date: Tuesday, 23 December 1997 20:03
Subject: Re: time limit

>> If I check 'time left' on the services screen for any user, and give
>> him a certain number of minutes, it works, but I should do that
>> manually every month, which is not os convenient.
>Hi. I think there is no other way than to update the 'time left' every
>What you could do is maybe to make a trigger in SQL Server that'll
>automatically update the 'time left' on a monthly basis.
>- Danny
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