Re: ODBC to Access seems to stop ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:22:25 -0600

Yes sir, lots of Acct-Delay-Time during and before the trouble times.
it is at 0. I have no doubt that Radius is running perfectly, ODBC simply
seems to bog down and eat up more and more processor time. Memory usage
remains the same however. Do you have any suggestions where I can find
better ODBC, or Jet drivers (I'm running NT4 SP3)? I know I loaded the same
version ODBC on all the computers that I have run Radius on. Our ODBC
Access driver says its ver- 3.50.3428000 if that helps.

When the Radius stops verifying, it goes to 0% processing with a small
spike every minute or so, and 'system idle processes' goes to 99% and stays
there until I stop and restart the Radius service.

Thanks :)

At 01:44 PM 12/22/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Do you see an errors, though? This could be a result of accounting
>back logs. Do you see entries with high Acct-Delay-Time entries
>in them?
>And simply restarting RadiusNT solves it? Use task manager and profile
>your computer and see how much CPU time its taking, and what the memory
>constraints look like. Personally, I'm betting that the Jet driver has
>more to do with it that anything.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. (