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Brian Lube ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:22:56 -0500

On a related note (sorry for the delay, I'm finally getting caught up in =

I'm using a USR Total Control Chassis and an Ascend MAX 2024 and with =
using the attribute 62 (Port-Limit) on the USR and attribute 202 =
(Ascend-Number-Sessions) on the MAX I am not able to get any of my users =
to have more than one concurrent login. Am I using the correct =

Brian Lube

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Mitch Wagers wrote:
> Is there any limit on what Radius can read as the Count from =
CallsOnline or
> the SubAccounts.LoginLimit field? In other words, if I set LoginLimit =
> 1000, can Radius handle that number? (I'm guessing it can, just want =
> make sure)

RadiusNT just looks for the users in the CallsOnline/ServerPorts
table. Its actually a count(*) statement and doesn't really have
a theretically limit (just your SQL Server capacity).
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