Insert Error in Calls table

Eureka ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 19:59:35 +0100

I'm currently evaluating RadiusNt 2.2 in ODBC mode, MSAccess as database and
USR Netserver as NAS.
I was able to set up the authentication process but now i'm in trouble with
The Calls table has 4 primary index and when RadiusNT try to insert a Start
or Stop record i get the following:

SQL Statement: INSERT INTO Calls (CallDate, UserName, AcctStatusType,
AcctSessionId, AcctDelayTime, AcctAuthentic, NASPort, FramedProtocol,
FramedAddress) VALUES (Now(),'test',1,'test-18620027', 0, 1, 3, 1,

ODBC: SQLExecDirect Error -1053:
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Driver] Index or primary key can't
contain a Null value.

The missing field is NASIdentifier.
What do I have to do to get it?
Does the "Configs" and "ConfigNames" tables (wich are empty) have something
to do with it? and if not, what's their meaning? I couldn't find any
information in RadiusNt docs.

Any help would be apreciated.


--Maurizio RosanEureka Servizi TelematiciMagenta (MI) - Italy