Re: STAC Compression

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 10:07:21 -0800

Greg Wanner wrote:
> I am currently running RadiusNT 1.16.60/Text Mode (soon upgrading to
> 2.2x/ODBC-SQL) with Ascend MAX. I have a customer that I want to try using
> the STAC compression with. Is there a way to specify this option in
> RadiusNT? I tried using Framed-Compression, but it didn't work. Any
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Framed-Compression is NOT the same thing as data compression (which
Ascend calls Link Compression). Use:

Ascend-Link-Compression = Link-Comp-Stac

or the equivalent in your dictionary.

> P.S. Does anyone know, if some dial in account are using STAC will it
> effect performance of the MAX? Thanks again.

Its going to use more processing power so logically, yes. However
how MUST of a performance hit is it, I don't know.

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