radius 1.1 to radius 2.2

NetLink ( (no email) )
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:32:31 +0200

Hello All,

I'm facing a very urjent problem on my system.
yesterday i started working with USR couriers 33.6 with radius 1.1 in
database (till now i've worked only with text mode).
Many of my clients are complaining about disconnections - something i didnt
expect to happen with my new USR's!

In my Radius7 database I see that there are many "holes" - places where
customers were connected but the time field is empty - the radius doesnt
count the time!

So i decided to move to RadiusNt 2.2 (ODBC or text - still doesnt know).
I MUST solve this problem till tommorow.

Can anybody give me VERY SIMPLE instructions how to upgrade my radius 1.1
to 2.2 without causing any damage to my system?



Ori Sade,