Cisco 5200 - RadAttributes

Mitchell B. Wagers ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 12:36:12 -0800

I'm having some difficulty getting our Cisco to recognize any Radius
Attributes. It certainly doesn't dump them, but things like
Framed-Address, Idle-Timeout, Framed-Route don't work correctly. Our box
receives both analog and ISDN calls, so here is the other problem...when
recieving an ISDN call that was originally destined for another box, the
Cisco returns "NAS-Port-Type = ISDN", which is great, but not the same as
our Ascend that returns "Sync". Plus, the ISDN customers gets
authenticated, but a session isn't started, their ISDN Router just keeps
trying to get through, continuously. Analog calls to the Cisco work great,
just none of the extra attributes are listened to.

Cisco as5248 Dual T1/PRI
Ascend Max 4000 Quad T1/PRI, 48 modems
RadiusNT running on an NT SP3 machine.

Any help is appreciated,