Re: Slower MS SQL server

Jeff Binkley ( )
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 08:13:00 -0500

I've never seen anything to substaniate the last comments but one
question I would have, from experience, is whether you really have 48
megs assigned for SQL server and not 96 megs. The reason I ask, is that
when using Sybase SQL Server, which is similar to Microsoft's SQL
server, the memory allocation option is in 2k pages and not 1k units. I
had the same thing happen once. 48 megs should be plenty, depending
upon what your database looks like and what you are using it for. Also
unless SQL server is really using that much space, then continuing to
allocate more memory may not help. This would depend upon the type of
queries you are running. It's been a little while since I managed SQL
servers but I've got a ton of Sybase servers and will try to help.
There is also another NT option which tells NT not to try and swap out
locked memory in use by SQL server. I'll need to track that one down.
It should be in the SQL server install docs. Lastly, does SQL server
have adjustable cache sizes yet ?
Sybase added them with version 11 and these can really help, depending
upon what types of transactions you are doing. The default 2k cache is
often way to small for databases which are used havily for reporting and
little OLTP.

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing

R>Hmmm.. okay.. the machine is rebooting... but seems wired since my
R>server isn't evewn using all the ram.

R>What about the memory allocated to the SQL server.. how much sould
R>that be?


R>Mitch Wagers wrote:

R>> ARgh...your pagefile needs to be 30-45% MORE than your RAM amount on
R>> anything over 96mb. Anything under 96mb needs to be 20-30% more.
R>> So, set your pagefile to 160mb, maximum to 280mb, then reboot. This
R>> is most likely your problem, a pagefile smaller than your RAM
R>> amount creates excessive swapping.

R>> At 10:31 AM 12/8/97 +0100, you wrote:
R>> >SQL server assigned 48 MB right now.. if we add more it slows down
R>> >the machine.

R>> >The pagefile is 75MB inital upto 128 MB.

R>> >Thomas

R>> >Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
R>> >>
R>> >> On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Thomas Kernen wrote:

R>> >> > Hello,

R>> >> > since we upgraded our HP PPro 200 Mhz MS SQL server from 64 to
R>> >> > 128 MB RAM and assigned the extra ram to the SQL server the
R>response time seems
R>> >> > slower. Any ideas why?

R>> >> But how much ram did you assign? Assigning too much can cause
R>> >> excessive paging.

R>> >> Also notice that some intel machines has memory issues where they
R>> >> can actually slow down after 64mb of memory, although if I
R>> >> remember right the PPro should fix that.

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