Re: IIS4 and Radius

Greg McKenzie ( (no email) )
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 17:08:23 -0600

I recently got the Option Pack, but from what I have seen on this list I am
not sure I want to install it especially the IIS4, and the Radius issues. We
use Livingstons Radius and it works just fine, can you opt to not install
the Radius? Is there any draw backs to it? can you lend any insight?

Thanks in advance

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Date: Sunday, December 07, 1997 5:05 PM
Subject: Re: IIS4 and Radius

>McCallum, Michael wrote:
>> I installed IIS4 this weekend, which installs ODBC 3.5 and since then I
>> cannot get Radius v1.49 or v1.60 to authenticate users. Running Radius
>> at a command prompt with -x15, I can see that it logs into SQL ok and
>> reads all of the attributes. It then opens a 'hstmt' and waits for
>> activity. When running radlogin and a valid userid and password, the
>> debug message indicates that 'Connection is busy with results of another
>> hstmt' and then rejects the login.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to have to
>> uninstall IIS4 and ODBC 3.5 to clear this up.
>I've seen this problem on some ODBC 3.5 installations. You might
>want to try 2.2 and see if it gives the same error.
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