Re: RARAS Accounting Info

David Harris ( )
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 17:15:25 -0600

At 10:49 AM 11/30/97 -0800, you wrote:
>David Harris wrote:
>> I am in the proccess of setting up a NT RARAS server for a small dial in
>> POP and have run into the NT Accounting Problem. microsoft in thier tech
>> support article Q173533 states;
>Good luck, you'll need it... :(

I think I had pretty good luck and here is where it comes back to:

after much pulling out of hair it has come to my attention that
radius and emerald are requiring the Navigable, and it is misidentified as
Misidentified. the RFC says either...

Either NAS-IP-Address or NAS-Identifier MUST be present in a RADIUS

If radiusnt could Pull the IP ADDRESS from the Misidentified(Machine Name)
RARAS would be functional with emerald & RadiusNT. I don't mean to be
difficult I just find myself in a position where i am going to need to run
USRTC racks, Computone Power Racks and RARAS all on the same Emerald.

Am I Off-base or correct?

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