Expiration vs. Ascend-PW-Expiration

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 18:10:45 -0500

I'm using Ascend Maxes and a PortMaster 2e and was testing a backup radius
server that I setup today (2.2.41) and noticed that if I run it from the
command prompt as
radius -x15 -b -R35
radius -x15 -R35
radlogin somename somepassword
I get the following:
Loading users...
radius: attribute name Expiration not found
radius: Parse error -95 for user a_reich
LOG: radius: Parse error -95 for user a_reich
0 users loaded!

For radius attribute 21, I have the following (in the "dictionary" file as
well as in Emerald's RadAttributes table):
instead of

The "users" file was generated by Emerald 2.1.11; here's an excerpt:
username Password = "whocares", Expiration = "Dec 05 1997"

There's never been a problem to my knowledge with people logging in via the
Maxes or the PM2e when it comes to expirations and ODBC. The only time I
ever used the "users" file in the past was on a backup radius server
(1.16.60 I think) running in text-mode only (as a service).

If I change "Expiration" to "Ascend-PW-Expiration" for all users in the
"users" file, there are no errors relating to it anymore.

Is this "Expiration" vs "Ascend-PW-Expiration" problem only going to
display itself when using radlogin?

Josh Hillman