Re: logging onto the network from different subnet

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:03:39 -0400

> From: Rudy Komsic <>
> First of all, What are ALL the protocols being used on and

TCP/IP is the only protocol used.

> second, have you tried setting up a PPTP Server with 2 Nic Cards (1 For
> subnet and other for subnet) and have your
> use the DUN 1.2b or Windows 98 to tunnel into your domain.

Haven't done it and can't think of a reason why I would "have" to. I do
understand why it would be a good idea to do so, but it shouldn't be
"necessary." The only issue is a subnet issue and the fact that for some
reason, machines on one subnet can't see machines on the other.

> Third, what is the Default protocol for your network. If it is other
> TCP/IP then your Cisco Router my need to set up bridging for the Netbeui
> IPX protocol so that you can see your Internal network.

TCP/IP is the only protocol used.

> Fourth, have you tried doing "Start > Find > Computers" and entered the
> computer name you wanted to use the resources from?

This is essentially the same as poking around in Network Neighborhood
and/or trying to map a network resource on a known machine (even if the
machine and/or resource doesn't show up in NN); but yes, I did try it and
nothing was found.

Josh Hillman

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> From: Josh Hillman <>
> >Since day one, our employees have been able to dial-up through our Maxes
> >and log onto the NT network here in the office just as if they were here
> >the building. Up until recently, all network-related devices as well as
> >computers in the office and all dial-up IP address have been in the same
> >subnet ( A couple of weeks ago, we moved all dial-up IPs
> >a different subnet ( Everyone can poke around on the
> >without any problems as well as get their mail, view any website on any
> >our servers, etc., but no one can log onto the network anymore (unless
> >they've got a dedicated IP address in the range). All
> >machines can see all machines as far as ping/traceroute, http, ftp, etc.
> >go--just can't access network resources or get a listing of the machines
> >network domain (unless the user's IP falls in the original subnet).
> >Changing one of the workstations on the network here to an IP address of
> >199.44.20.x will make it unable to see the network (though can still see
> >anything on the internet including our own webservers/mailservers,
> >Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?
> >
> > = (our Cisco router)
> >All NT servers have both IPs set as gateways.
> >
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> >Josh Hillman
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