Re: USR staff berates customers / retracted

David Payer ( (no email) )
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 22:32:59 -0500

I wrote the original message regarding USR.

When I posted twice to the USR news server asking for explanation regarding
those posts both of my posts did not show up on the server. I jumped the gun
in announcing USR's involvement. I apologize for that. I didn't do my
homework well enough.

I got a post from the administrator of the network it did comefrom
indicating that he suspected a dialup customer made the post.

I buy a product and make the effort to sign onto, which
I can't do without buying the product. I am led through a substantial
disclaimer before I am allowed to post to the news forum and any can just access the server at any time?

I have purchased the equipment so I appreciate the technical ability of the
company. I do not like the way they have handled many customers.

>Not only should he publically appoligize, as he stated he would do, he
>should discount the comments. Why?
> Netservers at 8,000
> Support at 2,500
> Well these prices are very out of date. List pricing on support is now
>1800 per chassis, and the 2681 bundle is 10,800 so why pay 8,000 for a
>netserver, and individual cards carry a 40 pts discount. I am a strong
>supporter of a company paying for the support. I think every ISP should
>pay the typical 10% for support which includes SPARE-IN-THE-AIR products

10% ofo total cost would be very agreeable for me. But that is not the case.
I am not speaking of other total control boxes. I am speaking of the
Netserver 16i Plus. It lists for $7-8000. It is available now for $4900
(basically the termserver and 8 courier I modems). I would gladly pay $490
for support and spare-in-the-air products. The actual support for my product
is $1495 per year which is a 30% cost

> Also the claim about an ISP paying 10K for equipment is weak, yes you paid
>good money, but look at the technology that is required and the millions of
>R&D to produce a product. I want the least cost product, sure! But I
>demand a product to work, and a company that can support the product and is
>forward thinking on how to leverage the platform.

I agree with this. But when I made my requests for help, it was within the
90 day period after buying. Regardless of whatever plan you have, they
should answer problems in a reasonable time period. (I have had a trouble
ticket out for 4 weeks about two specific problems. They responded with an
email to try one thing, it didn't work and I replied to them about it. I am
no longer under my 90 days. So, what am I to think? They couldn't/wouldn't
solve it in the warranty period, can/would they do it if I paid an
additional 30% tax?)

> Take the Total Control Chassis, it was originally a quad modem chassis,
>that grew to PRI, that includes x2, cell capable, remote managed, then
>xDSL, now VOIP, multi-sessions per DSP.... great product!! And the beef is
>not that they do or do not support the product, it is just the fact the
>folks who pay get their answers first.

That may be a great product, I wouldn't know, that isn't the product I have
been using. Does that product use a new operating system too? The product I
am speaking of originally used the Livingston COMOS. I had no problems using
MPi 16s with a Portmaster. Others using the older versions of the Netservers
with the 3.X.X operating system do not report the problems that those with
the PLUS operating system report. Go see this for yourself on the USR forum.
(modems don't answer/reset, routing problems and packet loss, and more)

I spoke too quickly about the forum, I regret my unsubstantiated statement,
I misread the headers. Somehow, it wasn't that terribly inconsistent with my
experience though and since it didn't take my more civil responses on the
forum (when it did accept posts on other issues) led me to doubt the
good-faith effort of the company providing the service and products.

Having said all that, I will buy more USR products. Usually they are good
and my previous experience with Modem Pools (for 56k use) is good.
Something is not right with their new operating system, that is my main
concern and I want them to solve it. If I buy another product from them ( I
have two Netservers and a modem pool), I might find it worthwhile to buy a
service plan @ $1495 per year (or is that PER Netserver?)

Im thinking of changing my policy here:

We offer Internet access for $19.95/month. If you want service, it is an
extra $6/month.

David Payer