RE: problems routing to new NT server

Eric Cowperthwaite ( )
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 11:31:55 -0700

Well Rick,

Damnit, it was something stupid, the netmask was set to rather than You gotta hate when you overlook something so obvious. Thanks
for the pointer.

Eric W. Cowperthwaite
Intellinet, Inc.
Sys Engineer

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Subject: Re: problems routing to new NT server

If it were me, I'd start at the really stupid stuff...

1) Does the new server see all of the other machines on the network/domain?

2) Is the subnet mask different on the new machine than on the others? (ie.
new one => rest of network =>

3) Is the IP address correct in the new machine?

4) Is it looking to be authenticated and become a member of the same domain
that the dial-up users do?

Those would be the easiest places to look at...


At 09:50 AM 4/14/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have implemented a new NT server for RADIUS and POP3/SMTP services.
>My dial-in customers and non-routed ISDN customers can see the new
>server just fine. However my routed ISDN customers cannot see the
>server at all. My Portmaster3 authenticates to the server just fine. So the
>problem is not that the remote access hardware can't see the server. This
>server is inside the same network segment as all my other servers and my
>routed ISDN customers can see the other servers. My assumption is that
>the new server is where the problem is at. (it is the only new hardware in
>my network).
>The server is running the following services and protocols:
>Netbios Interface
>RIP for Internet Protocol
>RPC configuration
>My network uses the following equipment:
>Cisco 2500 series router (gateway router)
>Livingston PM3 (remote access router)
>Intel Pentium II servers running NT 4.0/IIS 4.0/RadiusNT/Post.Office
>Any ideas? Anyone had this problem before?
>Eric W. Cowperthwaite
>Intellinet, Inc.
>Sys Engineer

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