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It may be that I have overstepped myself. Another ISP indicated that the
machine may have been the offender.

I was totally upset at USR regarding this type of conduct but I don't want
to make a serious error by not asking you to pause on the use of the
information I have given you. If USR is not the offender, I will publically

David Payer
OMNI Internet

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From: David Payer <david.payer@IA-OMNI.COM>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, April 08, 1998 5:58 PM
Subject: USR staff berates customers

>Very interesting to see the references to the message below from the USR
>newsforum, It was supposedly setup to allow customers to help one another.
>Unfortunately no one from USR responds publicly. But that doesn't mean they
>don't watch the forum. Here is a response from someone which totally
>people who don't buy the service packages from USR/3COM. You will see that
>the message was actually sent by a USR/3COM staff member. I guess this
>really tells you what they think of us.
>As always, I will post my name, for I am not ashamed of what I say.
>David Payer
>also a purchaser of over $10,000 worth of USR/3COM equipment.
>the newsgroup can be found on this server: (standard
>NNTP connection) the forum name is Check it out
>yourself soon for they probably won't have it on that server for long.
>Here is the reference on the message from Microsoft Outlook Express client
>FILE/PROPERTIES/DETAIL), I put my comments in parenthesis:
>Path:!not-for-mail (this is the machine that sent the
>From: <Lets Get> (This is what the toad of a person put as
>his/her email address)
>Subject: Shut up
>Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:44:35 -0400
>Organization: 3Com Corporation (this is the organization that the Internet
>Mail setup has on record)
>Lines: 18
>Message-ID: <6gasuc$hcl$> (another indicator which
>machine sent the message)
>X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.71.1712.3
>X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.71.1712.3
>Xref: (this is the logon
>name of the person that sent this.)
>This is the content of the message:
>Lets Get wrote in message
>>You dumbass people who complain about, usr/3com are a bunch
>>of girls. In any REAL BUSINESS you need to spend money to
>>make money . So just buy the contract's and SHUT UP.
>>Maybe if you have a real business you wouldn't complain about
>>spending money to make money.
>>So you idiots that don't buy a service contract for Total Control
>>I hope you netserver and you NMC card Fry. Then when you
>>have to replace them , instead of paying for the contract you
>>can spend 15,000 on two new cards and your down and your
>>not making money.
>>Wow thats doesn't, compute
>>24/7 Contract = 2,500.00
>>Dead Netserver card = 8,000

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