Re: Any free news server ?

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 21:36:48 +0800

I am an MS Reseller, but I didn't know of any free copy of anything. What I
know is NFR versions which, although greatly discounted, still cost

Can you enlighten me ? Where do I find info on these free copies ?

- Danny

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From: Penelope Baker <>
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Date: Thursday, April 09, 1998 9:37 PM
Subject: RE: Any free news server ?

>Exchange Server Enterprise Edition 5.5 has a 2 TERABYTE limit on the
>information store, AFAIK, so if you are a MS Reseller and have your free
>copy laying about, there ya go. Otherwise, I'd have to agree, register
>DNEW or MetaInfo's product...
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