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<excerpt><fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>Got a quick NTMail


<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>We have a customer who has a POP
domain account with us using NTMail. They retrieve their mail using
Pullmail to POP their mail down to their Exchange server via a 33.6


<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>Problem is, this customer often
receives large attachments, which causes their connection to hang. The
customer would like us to insitute a maximum incoming message size for
their account, but as far as I can tell, NTMail only has that
functionality for full domain accounts.


<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>Any ideas?



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Matt, you are right that in NTMail 3.03 the mail limits apply to the whole domain so, without creating a specific domain for them, you have to make this a global setting.

In version 4 (due for release in May), it will be possible to do this on a user basis.

Have you got them to check that their client timeout is set to a large enough value? Also I seem to remember that Microsoft had a knowledge base article about increasing the TCP/IP MTU, especially for Win 95 clients. Getting the latest DUN can help also.

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