RE: NT Server Mirroring

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 10:18:05 -0400

Nope -- MUCH MUCH more -- and I've found pricing on the Vinca product --
$4,499 per two servers. FCOL, that's rape and robbery! Only a FOOL
would pay it when there are MUCH less expensive solutions around.
Consider an ISP with six servers.... You'd be looking at nearly $14,000 to
protect them all, when you COULD just mirror/RAID the drives, and have a
scheduled backup/restore of the complete primary server to a secondary,
nightly or even hourly. In the UNLIKELY event that a RAID system fails,
you can change the IP addresses on the backup system, disconnect the
primary, and be up with only one hour's data loss (or, if the RAID wasn't
the point of failure, cable the drives into the backup box, and away you go
with NO loss of data).

And VINCA's product claims it doesn't even support IIS 4 at this time! It
only replicates SQL and Exchange! Octopus at least provides total
mirroring of ALL data regardless of application.... (for a price)

At 09:54 AM 4/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I thought Octopus was only like $1000 or soo.....
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>> >Try Octopus or....Bugger, I can't remember the other one
>> that was good.
>> Octopus was a FIVE FIGURE price tag the last time I looked
>> into it. WAY
>> out of line for a product like that.
>> What's wrong with round-robin DNS and IIS 4.0's content replication?
>> Sure, in a failure, you have to modify the DNS to eliminate
>> hits to the
>> dead server, but that's FREE....
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