RE: NT Server Mirroring

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 10:28:14 -0400

They must have dropped it since introduction -- It had a minimum of four
servers and was was a $9999 product for two servers, as I recall, about a
year ago. My memory may be fuzzy, but I know I laughed the product off
after learning its price.

FCOL, why would ANYONE pay TRIPLE the price of the server itself for
redundancy that can be had much less? Even $2000 per server is
exorbitant, making it $4000 to protect two servers....about on price par
(i.e. the stratosphere) with Vinca's product.

I re-iterate, a $200 disk drive in RAID/1 mirror is almost as effective,
and certainly a more COST-effective solution than any content replicator on
the market -- Octopus, Vinca, or otherwise.... (And for IIS servers, the
replication is built-in!).

At 10:14 AM 4/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>5 figures? I'd like to be your reseller <g>
>It's less than $2k per server RETAIL for the automated switch-over solution.
>They have less expensive versions which require some admin intervention.
>Get your facts straight before you slam a product on the list.
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>> >Try Octopus or....Bugger, I can't remember the other one that was good.
>> Octopus was a FIVE FIGURE price tag the last time I looked into it. WAY
>> out of line for a product like that.
>> What's wrong with round-robin DNS and IIS 4.0's content replication?
>> Sure, in a failure, you have to modify the DNS to eliminate hits to the
>> dead server, but that's FREE....
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