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You need to specify https:///
first of all... Second, you can only send it to whatever IP address the
certificate is registered to. (otherwise it will cause errors) Reason
being? In the actual game of it, you're *supposed* to actually buy a
different certificate for each domain. If you want to do it otherwise,
just reference to an IP, not a domain name... Therefore it doesn't
actually look like its a different domain...


At 08:34 AM 4/7/98 +1000, you wrote:
>I am trying to get a secure Site running under IIS V3 under NT4sp3.
>I have the certificate installed ok.
>I have multiple WWW sites running on this machine, each site has a
>different IP address. The Secure site/folder is only meant to run on one
>of these sites. I assigned the IP address to the Certificate, but when I
>try to link to the secure folder, I can only access it from the main WWW
>site, not the virtual site running on the same IP I assigned the
>What am I doing wrong?
>How do I correctly reference the secure folder?
>EG: Site name: Home directory: C:\inetpub\agncroot
> Secure Cert: Actual location: C:\inetpub\agncroot\secure Alias
>\\secure <- Is this correct ???
>If I try to access I get an error
>if I try to access I get access which
>is wrong and not what I want.
>Help anyone,
>Darryl Harvey
>MyEmail Services Phone: 9251 3625
>610 Springvale Rd WWW:
>Mulgrave, Vic 3170 Email:
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