Re: SSL on IIS

Darryl Harvey ( )
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 13:20:30 +1000

Maybe I should re-phrase it;

I have several domains and WWW sites running on IIS v3.0 NT4sp3.

The main domain of the machine is, one of the second domains
is I bought a secure certificate for

I installed the certificate, and assigned it to the same IP as, so as far as I am concerned, it is *NOT* attached to at all. Am I right at saying that ?

I assigned the secure certificate to a directory /secure.

If I use I get an error.

If I use it works

Would you expect this? I wouldn't.

Is it possible to get it to work with, if so, what have I
done wrong and what do I need to do to correct this (Even if I must get
another cert)


At 11:17 AM 4/7/98 , Jason Zigmont wrote:
>You need to specify https:///
> ^^^^^^
>first of all... Second, you can only send it to whatever IP address the
>certificate is registered to. (otherwise it will cause errors) Reason
>being? In the actual game of it, you're *supposed* to actually buy a
>different certificate for each domain. If you want to do it otherwise,
>just reference to an IP, not a domain name... Therefore it doesn't
>actually look like its a different domain...
>At 08:34 AM 4/7/98 +1000, you wrote:
>>I am trying to get a secure Site running under IIS V3 under NT4sp3.
>>I have the certificate installed ok.
>>I have multiple WWW sites running on this machine, each site has a
>>different IP address. The Secure site/folder is only meant to run on one
>>of these sites. I assigned the IP address to the Certificate, but when I
>>try to link to the secure folder, I can only access it from the main WWW
>>site, not the virtual site running on the same IP I assigned the
>>What am I doing wrong?
>>How do I correctly reference the secure folder?
>>EG: Site name: Home directory: C:\inetpub\agncroot
>> Secure Cert: Actual location: C:\inetpub\agncroot\secure Alias
>>\\secure <- Is this correct ???
>>If I try to access I get an error
>>if I try to access I get access which
>>is wrong and not what I want.
>>Help anyone,
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